Hi and welcome to Amanda's website. We are so glad that you could visit! We are working to create a site that will have Amanda's adventures, pictures, and other news! Check back often!

Amanda's Links

Amanda's Quick Facts

Born: August 18, 2007
Time: 11:44 PM
Place: St. Charles Hospital
Weight: 7 lbs 7 oz
Length: 22.5 in

Current Milestones

25-Sep-11 doing laps in the pool!
13-Aug-11 snorkling in St. Maarten!
15-Sep-10 Amanda's first emergency room visit
13-Sep-10 Amanda's first day at pre-school
18-Aug-10 our keiki is now THREE!
11-Feb-10 made her first snowman!
18-Aug-09 our keiki turns TWO!!
29-Apr-09 is counting to 20
29-Apr-09 is counting to 10 in Spanish
29-Apr-09 knows her colors
29-Apr-09 know her shapes
29-Apr-09 is recognizing her letters
06-Dec-08 is counting to 10
06-Dec-08 is singing her ABC's
16-Nov-08 first time at Disney
18-Aug-08 our keiki turns ONE!
16-Aug-08 Amanda's first birthday party - boy did we have fun!
13-Jul-08 keiki has started walking!
15-Jun-08 four teeth now showing
14-Jun-08 is now baptized
11-May-08 achieved world traveler status
06-May-08 drinking from a sippy cup
01-May-08 allowed to eat most foods
29-Apr-08 crawling like a fiend


So, its been a while. A lot of things have happened in our lives since September of 2013. Amanda is now in second grade, has been to Hawaii and London (again), is still in gymnastics and is playing the piano. Wow! I hope to update things on the site soon, including photos, new content and maybe even some video. There are lots of photos on Flickr - you can search for her from one of the links below I think.

I hope to write more soon!!


Staring the second week of school! Amanda's tired, but she's doing good - she's such a trooper!

More pictures, including the First day of School!!


So far, the first week of school is going well! Amanda has been exhausted though... My poor Boo!

As for pictures, I'm on a roll now... Here are more slide shows:


As promised, I've put up some more pictures of Amanda.

Our next set is from Big Blue Night at West Hills Day Camp, where Amanda went to camp this summer: Big Blue Night

Also, Amanda started First Grade - as soon as I get the pictures off of the camera, I will post them! She is very excited, loves her new school, her teacher and the new adventures in front of her!


Amanda has just turned six. Wow. I can't believe how fast time has flown. I'm also very embarrased that I've not posted anything in quite some time...

Amanda is gearing up for First Grade - she's completed Kindergarten with flying colors. Amanda is also taking gymnasitics, and has been selected for the tiny tot team! She is swims like a fish, and has more energy that a nuclear reactor!

Lots of things are going on, and Amanda is a trooper with all of it. She is an amazing person with amazing potential. I love her dearly!

Regarding pictures (and video) I am working on putting things up on Flickr - I should be able to link a lot of things to this website doing so, and be able to provide everyone with better pictures and video content easier and quicker. If you have not received a Flickr invite, let us know so that we can send you one. It will come from Amanakaboo.

Here is our first one: Amanda's 6th Birthday

I will be posting links to some of the latest pictures and video from this summer - look for them soon!


Another photo album added! Happy Birthday Amanda!

In other news, Amanda has done two things:

The first: she is recognizing words! The other day, we were in Whole Foods. As I was pushing the shopping cart about, she suddenly yells to me "Daddy, daddy - I know what that spells!! Beer!! B-E-E-N (a scriptive lower case r - easy mistake)!!" Yes, it was exciting to see her sound out/recognize her first word - as the whole store stared at me...

The second: at the ripe old age of four, Amanda has managed to lose her first tooth. We had just returned from a short visit to Connecticut when she was trying to zipper one of her Happy Nappers. She was having trouble, and instead of asking for help (Amanda??) she bit down on the zipper and pulled....... her tooth out of position. Needless to say, and five hours in the emergency room, Amanda had to have oral surgery to extract the tooth (another two hours the following day...) The acorn does not fall far from the tree... She did a great job, though, and was a trooper through the whole experience!!

More to come soon!


More photo albums have been added! You will find:

- Florida
- 2011 Fourth of July
- Reach for the Stars moving up
- Easter 2011

There is still more to come!


Again, it has been a long time since our last update. I offer no excuses, but I do apologize to all.

Amanda continues to amaze us daily, both for good and bad. She has been through camp, swim lessons, dance school and has started gymnasitcs and pre-K.

I'll write more, but I did want to say that we've posted some new pictures and I'm working on more.


Well, it has been way too long since our last update. Daddy has been very back-logged. I have started to catch up, though! I've posted pictures from Grandma Tania's (Grandma with the long hair) recent visit!

Amanda has been growing in leaps and bounds. No longer is it how many words is she speaking or even which languages. It is now did she really just conjugate that verb? Did she really just use the proper tense in that sentence? She's growing physically too! She's now at 3' 1" - I just measured her yesterday at the Green Festival out East. She's wearing a size 9 shoe! Also important news - she is now using the potty! She loves her new panties!

She is a big Tiana fan from Disney's recent Frog an the Prince movie (we purchased the DVD - no movies yet...) She loves Tinkerbell too, and dresses! She has started dance classes, which she talks about non-stop. She is also using her new Fisher Price Smart Cycle - she shows it off to everyone, and plays with it constantly.

Wow - so much has happened since November's update - I'm sorry that I have been remiss in getting updates to the page. I'll write more soon - just wanted to get an update. Check out her new pictures!! I'm also working on a better way to present the video, but I'm still working out some kinks..


Halloween weekend - we went to Port Jefferson and met up with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Matt Sophie and Allie. We watched a parade and went trick-or-treating in the stores. Later we explored the petting zoo and went on a pony ride! After the pony ride, Amanda crashed for two and a half hours... Our little fairy...

Be sure to check out Amanda's Halloween pictures!


This past weekend we visited Harbes Farm out east. We had lots of fun riding the tractor train, watching the pig races and playing on the farm!

Monday, we went to the Sweetbriar Nature Center to visit the butterflies. Amanda got to make butterfly crafts and run around like her usual energetic self!


We just returned from our St. Maarten trip - we had a great time! Thank you grandma and grandpa for everything!!

Amanda loved the beach and the pool. She was a hit as well, making lots of new friends. We went to the zoo and saw bats, macaws and even tamarins. We visited the butterfly farm where we saw all kinds of caterpillars, butterflies and moths, and we even went on a catamaran ride!

Make sure to check out our pictures!!


Today we went to Old Westbury Gardens. Amanda had a great time running all around the grounds! I guess we need to get a bigger house! She chased after geese, almost took a swim with the fish and had a great time smelling all of the flowers!


Amanda had experienced her first tree planting this past weekend! We planted trees with Mommy, Daddy, Claire, Kay and the folks from Estee Lauder. Later, Daddy tried to teach Amanda how to roll down a hill, but he didn't get too far - Amanda was more interested in running up and down it! Amanda also got some organic plants for us to grow!


Daddy finally posted pictures from Christmas 2008. We had lots of fun with the family, and missed those that could not be with us. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy New Year!!


We returned from Florida a couple of days ago, after an amazing time. Amanda had her first Disney Experience, visiting Epcot, the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. She got to sit and have a conversation with Belle, had breakfast with Tigger, Pooh, the Mad Hatter, Alice and Mary Poppins, and visited Mickey and Minny at their homes! We met grandma Tania at Epcot for her birthday, and went met Figment at Imaginations! Daddy will be putting up pictures and video soon!


Posted two new photo albums - Amanda's Christening and Faces of Amanda. The little bugger still keeps coming out with more words - some new ones include: Elmo, Abby, octopus, sand and rock!


More words, words, words!!! We are now saying grape, baby, car, poop, and more! We might even be getting small sentences! Can't stop her now!!


Here are some words that Amanda is speaking on her own: bear, bubbles, cat, duck, fish, puppy, and thank you. Every day she comes out with more! We'll try to keep updating with her new words!